3 Essential Oils to Balance the Lower Chakras

How do you relate to your physical incarnation on Earth?

Many Lightworkers feel more comfortable connecting with their intuition than with their body, and this is confirmed by the state of their lower chakras. More often than not, there are imbalances in the lower chakras, while the upper chakras are more open than average.

However, there is a hierarchy of the chakras, and for your upper chakras to thrive, you need to have a solid foundation. This means that you need to make sure that energy flows freely in our lower chakras so that you can fully tap into your intuition, and manifest what you want on the physical level.

Today, I want to share with you how you can start balancing your three lower chakras using one of my favorite tool: essential oils. We’ll look at the three lower charkas individually, and what oils can be used to work on them.

The Root Chakra, our security center

The first chakra is related to what we basically need to survive (food, water, a safe place to live).
It roots you into the earth and provides you with the nourishments you need to live a healthy life, and is associated with the sense of smell and the element earth.
Financial problems, a general feeling of “not enough”, struggles to find one’s home, troubles being in the “here and now” and fear of changes are signs that the root chakra might be unbalanced.

Growing roots

To balance the root chakra, you want to use essential oils that are grounding, and that help you accept your “humanity” – the fact that your Soul chose to incarnate in a physical body. Patchouli essential oil does just that. Patchouli essential oil helps you to accept your own individuality, while supporting a free flow of energy in the lower body. You can use it under your feet, or in a carrier oil to massage your legs, really feeling the contact with your body, and visualizing roots growing in your legs, through your feet, and anchoring you way down into the Earth.

The Sacral Chakra, where pleasure is born

The second chakra is the center of the pleasure, of the joy of living and gives you serenity, joy and a life abundant in what you love.
It’s related to your relationship with food and sex, and having children, and is associated with the sense of taste and the element water.
Fear of lack, a strong need to control circumstances and people, jealousy and eating disorders are some of the signs that the second chakra might need healing.

Sparking joy

When life becomes heavy or when you don’t know what gives you joy or pleasure any more (which can translate into food cravings for example, as you unconsciously are reaching out for foods to find quick comfort), you need to reignite the spark of Joy within you. Bergamot essential oil, or the “Paradise Oil” is the perfect companion for that. Its sunny, floral smell and energy light up your path, shedding light on what is holding you back, and on what you need to call in to reconnect with your natural state of Joy.

Simply put a few drops of bergamot* essential oil in your diffuser, and be open to receive – and enjoy – every single gift that life has in store for you.

*Bergamot essential oil is one of the most photosensitizing oil, therefore you need to avoid sunlight or UV rays for up to 24 hours after application, if used topically.

The Solar Plexus Chakra, creating a solid center

The third chakra relates to how we see the world and how the world sees us. It is home of our ego and our emotions. It allows us to express fully and freely the unique being we are. It is associated with the sense of sight and the element fire.
Digestive issues, the fear of not being respected, a feeling of despair and pessimism, and a struggle to set healthy boundaries with others are signs that the solar plexus is out of balance.

Letting the Light out

Having a strong solar plexus is critical to be able to fully share your Light, as it allows you to be aware of the energy you put out there, as well as what “foreign” energies (people, food, emotions…) you are allowing to come into your energy field. Geranium essential oil will help you shield and set healthy boundaries, while increasing your magnetism. It is therefore an oil that I recommend to every empath, intuitive, and sensitive people, as reinforcing your solar plexus chakra truly is a gift to yourself and to others.

So, here you have it, three essential oils you can start playing with to balance your three lower chakras. If you want to learn more about some of the most powerful Essential Oils you can use to clear and balance your seven main chakras, and how to use them, I invite you to check out the masterclass I recently did on this very subject. You can access the video here. And as a bonus, you’ll receive my ‘Aura Aroma Mists’ e-book, with my 7 Essential DIY Chakra Formulas to help you clear and balance your chakras.

Next week, we’ll look at how you can literally “nourish” your lower chakras, and use holistic nutrition to balance them.

Remember: you are unique and the World needs your Light. Shine!

Love and Light,

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