Connecting to the energy of plants

I have been working with essential oils for many years. I have had training in classical and healing energy aromatherapy, and I must say that, although both aspects are inextricably linked, using the healing energy of essential oils is what I find most meaningful.

During the first years I was in practice, I had a couple dozen bottles of essential oils in my home that I used every day, singly or in synergies I prepared. Then, after many international moves, with an intense need to simplify my life, my essential oil collection shrank considerably. I soon found myself with just a few “indispensable” oils for physical use to treat minor everyday ailments. At the beginning, I sometimes felt frustrated at not having a particular oil available to me, when I happened to feel the need for its energy. So I bought some of them again. Then a new way opened to me: connecting directly to the essence, the plant’s energy, without passing through the physical manifestation of that essential oil. What a gift of freedom and abundance! I could now access a multitude of plants at any given moment, wherever I happened to be.

I hope you will try this method the next time you feel the need for an essential oil and don’t have it physically available. When starting off, you will probably need a physical medium such as an image of a plant, or a description of its energy properties. Then, little by little, you will be able to easily connect with the plants you have become familiar with. You can evoke a plant’s energy while meditating, for example, or consciously call it to mind to guide you through a specific situation. Listen to your intuition and practice!

This approach has its limitations, of course, and I continue to appreciate the multisensory experience that comes from a massage with essential oils or the diffusion of a lovingly, intentionally concocted, synergy. But I have managed to free myself from that feeling of a lack or limitation I used to experience in certain situations.

If you feel called to try this approach, please share your experiences in the comments section.

Love and Light,

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