Connecting with the food you are eating (and growing)

Have you already thought about how many hands have touched the fruit or vegetable you are about to eat, between the moment when it has been picked and the time it arrives in your plate? Whether it has been lovingly grown in a pesticide-free small, local farm, or grown industrially in a huge greenhouse, it has picked up lots of vibrations and energies throughout its journey. You want to be aware of that, because when you eat it, these energies will enter your physical and energy system.

So today I want to share with you two easy ways you can connect with the food you are eating and change its vibration for the best. Not only will this help you elevate your vibration, but it will help you get more connected to your needs, and be naturally attracted to the food that you need to be your best, most glowing self.

1. Bless your Food

If you are preparing your own food, take the time to express your gratitude and blessings to the produce you are using. Simply take the carrot, apple, tomato or whatever you are using in your hands and thank it, and send it Love and Light (or Reiki, White Light, etc.). This will help you elevate the vibration of your food, connect with it and be more aware of your own state while you are cooking (and shift it if needed).

If you were not the one preparing the food, pause for a few seconds before you start eating, and express your gratitude and blessings to the meal you have been served. In the same way, you’ll amp up its frequency, connect with it, and be more present while eating.

Make this a habit – it literally only takes a few seconds, and stay open and curious to see how your relationship with food and your body changes.


2. Grow (some of) your food

There is something very powerful in the simple act of growing your own food. Even if you don’t have the space, time or energy to grow a huge garden, simply having fresh herbs in your kitchen or balcony will make a difference.

When you are planting your herbs, fruits or vegetables, make sure that you are in a state of gratitude and internal happiness. Your vibration at this moment will affect the vibration of the plant, impacting its growth and development. Express your blessings and gratitude to the plant, welcome her into your life…

Take the time to reinforce this connection every time you pass nearby. Later on, when you are ready to harvest it, or take a couple leaves to prepare your meal, bless it and thank it again.

In his book “Life-changing Foods”, Medical Medium Anthony Williams talks about how, when you grow your own food, it matches your own physical and energy needs. You are literally creating the natural medicine your body is longing for! What a beautiful gift you are making yourself!

Dis-connecting from processed foods

When I first started blessing my food several years ago, I realized that it was much harder for me to do it when I was about to eat processed food. I just wasn’t able to feel any connection with a commercial chocolate bar or a cookie! At first, I tended to just forgot my blessing practice when what I was about to eat was not fresh fruits or vegetables. But over time, these couple of seconds connecting and thanking my food became such an important part of my daily routine, that it bothered me to not be able to do it with what I was starting to realized was ‘low-vibe food’. This connection (or lack thereof) naturally helped me to tune into my real needs, and gently let go of the foods that wasn’t nourishing my Light.

If you need support to let go of processed and low-vibe food (especially sugar, because the physical addiction is real, and quitting cold-turkey is easier said than done!), it’s totally ok, and it’s a great start to realize it.

And because theory about why you ‘shouldn’t’ eat sugar probably isn’t going to convince you unless you can feel its truth in your energy system, I am all about helping you EXPERIENCE the difference high-vibe food and practices can make for your body and your entire system.

And that’s exactly why I have created my ‘Sugar Freedom Secrets‘ program – to help you truly nourish your Light and EXPERIENCE how magical and limitless you really are. You need to FEEL the difference in your body to realize how releasing low-vibration and addictive foods can help you reconnect with the real you and share your Magic in such a powerful way. Ready? It’s time to increase your vibration to increase your impact, Lightworker!

Because you are unique and the World needs your Light. Shine! 

Love, Light and Fairy Dust,
Mélanie, your Fairy Godmother

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