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Holistic Health Guidance for Lightworkers

You are a Lightworker: a Healer, an Empath, a Holistic Practitioner, a Spiritual Entrepreneur, a Conscious Biz Owner…

You are here to be of service, to share your unique gifts and Light with the World, to fully embody and fulfill your Soul’s Purpose.

And to do that – whether it means writing your next book, serving more people, birthing your new program – you need a strong physical, emotional, mental and energy system.

You need to know how to best nourish your Light, at all levels. You need to identify your unique eating blueprint. You need to clear energy blocks. You need to amp up your vibration.

Because a clean body and energy system is a clear vessel to give and to receive. To let more Life in and to let more Light out.

Hi, I’m Melanie Sylla and I work with Lightworkers like you who are committed to be the lighthouse others need to navigate the World. The only problem is, you have digestion issues, (adrenal) fatigue, out of whack hormones or allergies that won’t go away, and you struggle setting healthy boundaries in your life, as well as fully stepping into your Power. Together, we’ll connect the dots between all of these challenges (and then some), on the physical and energy levels, and amp up your vibration so that you can experience new levels of health and shine your Light brighter.

Are you ready to manifest thriving health at all levels?
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