Energy aromatherapy: a unique and multidimensional approach

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular to help with daily and more chronic ailments. That’s great because they are very powerful indeed and they can be used to address a wide range of health concerns. What I like even more with essential oils is that they also provide great companionship in any energy work you might do.

The very essence of plants

When you distill a plant into its essential oil, the plant’s energy gets concentrated, as well as its power. As every single living being, each plant has its own energy. For example, a root plant will by nature provide more of a stabilizing, anchoring effect than a flower.

Energy work

When chosen carefully, an essential oil or a blend of several essential oils can be used to support us in releasing emotions, cleansing our chakras, manifesting an intention, understanding and addressing a limiting belief, and much more.

The right one(s)

The results of energy aromatherapy can be amazing, when using the right essential oil(s). Every blend I prepare is unique and customized. I’m pretty sure I never prepared twice the exact same blend (composition and proportions), even for clients with similar “symptoms”. There are several factors when choosing the right essential oils. I look into the physical manifestations of the dis-ease, the matching chakras, the client’s energy and personality… and a hint of intuition.

A holistic approach by essence

I’ve been blessed in training in both classical and energy aromatherapy. This training was life changing to me and my work in that it gave me an even more holistic approach: when I prepare an essential oil blend for a client, regardless if it is to treat a mycosis, sugar cravings, PMS or a money limiting belief, I always look at the whole picture and create a blend that will be unique to this person at this very moment in her life.

Manifesting our own magic

The uniqueness and customization of the blends is what make them often way more powerful than blends based purely on physical symptoms.
In my coaching program, I almost always incorporate one or several customized energy aromatherapy blends. When using them, several of my clients suddenly make giant steps towards their goals. Is this magic? Well, in my experience, carefully chosen essential oils simply are able to awake and trigger our inner resources just when we need them and are ready to reconnect with them. So, inner magic, let’s say.

Love and Light,

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