Because a clean body and energy system is a clear vessel to give and to receive

I can tell you all about the benefits for your physical body and your energy system of ditching sugar, healing your gut or eating more raw foods. But in the end, it is something you need to EXPERIENCE. The new vitality, connection and vibration, the freedom of being the clear channel you came here to be… Rediscovering the real YOU. Where do you want to start?

All programs include full support, group energy work and a premium option with individual sessions.

“Melanie – you and your beautiful program are a gift to the world! Thank you for all of your hard work to bring this amazing program to all of us who need it. I think each and every person can benefit from the teachings and messages of self-love and respect contained within.”


An 11-day program to experience a powerful vibrational boost and acquire tools to keep your energy and frequency high in your daily life

Did you know that there are three types of foods? Biogenic foods, which create Life, bioactive foods, which sustain Life, and biocidic foods, which destroy Life by accelerating the aging process. Unfortunately, our modern diet is often based on more biocidic than biogenic foods.

I invite you to reverse this trend during 11 days, and to experiment the difference! And by blending two of the most powerful tools I know, raw food and essential oils, you’ll not only quickly have more energy, experience better digestive and emotional health, and elevate your vibration, you’ll also learn how to use high-vibe nutrition (and delicious recipes!) and essential oils to create more of that in your life. Ready for more Vitality?

A 6-week journey to transform your Life and your Vibe

It’s time to set yourself free from one of the most addictive and lowest vibration substances there is: refined sugar.

This program, holistic by nature, gets to the ROOT of your sugar addiction and eliminates it for good, so that you can be truly successful in cultivating a connected lifestyle and a body that support you.

You’ve heard of all the evil stuff sugar is doing to your body and mind. Yet, you don’t really (want to) believe it’s true for you. Consciously or unconsciously you are using food to slow down your evolution, dim your Light, and keep your Power at a level that feels ‘comfortable’. It’s time for you to rediscover how magical and powerful you are. Without the numbing veil of sugar.

By the way, you can be addicted to sugar without having a sweet tooth… Ready to claim back your freedom?

An 8-week journey to rebuild your core and claim back your Power

Did you know that the health of your gut will make or break your overall health and energy system? If your gut health is weak, every system and organ in your body is going to be just as shaky.

Your solar plexus chakra and your gut health are directly related. And, as for many sensitives and empaths, it is probably your most vulnerable point. So rebuilding your immunity, your ability to digest life and process energy, and your capacity to set healthy boundaries, on the physical and energy levels, is key for you to be able to shine your Light and share your gifts fully.

It is where it all starts. Ready to set the foundation for thriving health, at all levels?