How much Life are you letting in?

I mean, how much Life are you really letting in, on a moment to moment basis?

This is a question my mentor and Akashic Record teacher made me aware of, and since then, it has become a powerful compass to me.

Today, I’d like to ponder this question with you, and give you some guidance on how you can literally let more Life in.

But first, what does that mean, ‘letting Life in’?

For me, letting Life in is inextricable from shining our Light out. It is a flow of energy, a perfect circle.

[ctt template=”4″ link=”yzQ8Y” via=”yes” ]Every single moment of Life is a choice. A choice to shine or to dim your Light. @HolisticManukya[/ctt]

In a nutshell, a choice to be present or not. To lead through Love or through fear. To shine our Light or to dim it.

When we are present – in our body, to the people around us, to our intuition, to the synchronicities of Life – we are in the flow with Life. We let Life in fully. We start to experience ease and grace, we meet the right people, we get aware of the opportunities that are offered to us, money flows to us abundantly… and we experience shining health, at all levels. We experience Holistic Health. We shine our Light fully.

This is what we are all striving for, in a way or another. Shining bright, to be the lighthouse others need to navigate the World. Fully embodying our Soul’s purpose.

So why are we not (all) there yet?

There are many ways we tend to, consciously or unconsciously, block Life.

When we are leading through fear, we lower our vibration and we tend to create more of what we don’t want.

Concretely, it can show up through the food choices we make. When we eat in a way that is more destructive than nourishing, we literally block life by preventing our body to function at its best.

It can show up through the thoughts or inner chatter we have that reinforce negative beliefs and low self-esteem and confidence.

It can show up through old patterns, contracts, hooks or cords (created earlier in life, inherited or passed on from past lifetimes) that we don’t seen to be able to shift.

All of these keep our vibration low, blocking us from fully letting Life in, and from shining Light out. We can feel it physically, through a tense sensation in our solar plexus chakra, shoulders or heart, for example.

So how do you let more Life in, and how do you let more Light out?

Here are a few tips to get you started.

First, simply start by asking yourself these two questions throughout the day: ‘how much Life am I letting in right now?’ and ‘how much Light am I letting our right now?’. Scan your body and your energy field, and literally feel where the tensions (aka blockages) are. Witness what thoughts or emotions come up and breathe into them, until you feel the energy flow again – the Life getting in and the Light getting out.

Then, make sure to make daily choices that elevate your vibration and keep your whole being in (or return it to) a state of Holistic Health (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health).

Think about the food you are eating, about your relationship you want to create with your body, about the people you choose to spend time with…

And use high-vibe tools like essential oils, crystals, music, dancing or rebounding. These are powerful both to help you elevate your vibration and state of happiness when used daily, and to shift your energy when used intentionally whenever you need it.

Fore more tips and prompts on how to create this state of flow between Life and Light and of shining health, I invite you to join me for a FREE 7-DAY JOURNEY TO HOLISTIC HEALTH.

Because a clean body and energy system is a clear vessel to give and to receive. To let more Life in and to let more Light out.

Are you ready? Click here to start your Journey now.

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Love and Light,

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