Imagine having the strong foundation you need to truly embody and share your gifts and Magic in the physical realm…

Imagine how having more energy, feeling better in your body and mind, and amping up your vibration by truly nourishing your whole being will make you more magnetic in your life and business…

Imagine being part of a community of Lightworkers who are ready to let go of what is dimming their Light and shine brighter…

It’s time for you to learn how to deeply nourish and care for the Light you are.

To be fully YOURSELF.

It’s time for you to reconnect with the Magic, the Joy, the Laughter, the Playfulness.

It’s time for you to increase your vibration so you can increase your impact.

You know those moments when you feel fully centered and connected, are naturally drawn toward nourishing and delicious food, when you can feel your cells happy and giggling with pleasure? You go through your day with ease, you manifest exactly what you DO want quickly and naturally. Your intuitive and healing abilities are top notch.

But why doesn’t it happen more often?

When you struggle to decipher the signs your body is sending you and aren’t sure what foods or patterns are placing havoc on your health, you are experiencing a roller coaster of “good” and “bad” days (oftentimes with more “bad” than “good”). You just seem to be “going with it” and you don’t know where to begin changing things and getting back in the driver’s seat.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed so many Lightworkers (myself included!) who consciously or unconsciously eat foods or have life habits that dim our Light. I realize how powerful it is to actually slow down our evolution, try to make others feel “more comfortable” around us, protect ourselves by staying invisible, or even resist our Soul’s Purpose.

Today I say STOP!

You don’t need to do that to yourself anymore.

Fully shining your Light is your responsibility. It is the only reason you came to Earth.

So, take a deep breath, and…

  • IMAGINE...

    Going from tired, burnt-out, disconnected, bloated, feeling heavy, or having a conflicted relationship with yourself to waking up full of vitality, keeping your vibration high all day, being naturally drawn to nourishing food and activities, being at peace with your body, mind and soul, and living life to the fullest.

  • IMAGINE...

    Joyfully CHOOSING LIGHT. Nourishing every single cell of your being with food, routines, and energy that reinforces your inner Light. Imagine consciously manifesting thriving health. At all levels.

  • IMAGINE...

    Making your body your ally. Having this strong foundation in place that allows you to channel more Light and anchor new downloads, gifts and Magic into the matter. You know how to interpret your body’s messages and how to respond. You have tools and knowledge to support your whole system when it needs it. You know how to care for your chakras and shift your energy with easy to use, high-vibe tools…

And, with the included stack of delicious, healthy, easy recipes for all seasons, you’ll enjoy seeing your reflection in the mirror (and, let’s be honest, it gets much easier to declare how much you love yourself to your reflection every day, à la Louise Hay, this way!).

You have tools to amp up your vibration during the day when you feel that you need a little boost.

You are getting MAGNETIC, showing up fully in your life, joyfully making daily choices that NOURISH YOUR LIGHT.

You are a multidimensional being. You are a divine Soul that chose to incarnate in a human body to experience life on Earth. Taking care of your health AT ALL LEVELS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) is pivotal for you to fully embody your Soul’s purpose and experience how magical and gifted you are.

If you are ready to fully integrate your uniqueness and shine, the Lighten Up Academy is for you.

22$ per month
or 222$ for a full year
Enrollments into the Academy are closed at the moment. Find more resources here.

By joining the Academy, you get access to:

  • 1 monthly masterclass with me or interview with a guest expert

    You’ll learn techniques and tips that you can implement right away to experience better digestion, more vitality, a strong immune system, a higher vibration, and so much more (think holistic nutrition, essential oils, chakra work, Plant and Fairy wisdom, etc.)

  • 1 monthly group energy healing session

    To go deeper than the physical level and set you free from what’s holding you back (you can attend live or listen to the recording)

  • A private community of magical Lightworkers

    You’ll get direct access to me and your peers, ask for support, celebrate and be truly yourself

  • The Holistic Seasonal Detox for Lightworkers

    To allow you to deeply cleanse and uncover hidden food allergies and sensitivities that are placing havoc on your health. With this program, you can build your very own eating blueprint (new program released at every change of season)

  • Reduced rates

    Early access and Academy prices for my other offerings

I have created the Lighten Up Academy because I want you to have access to easy-to-digest (at all levels!) tools and steps to implement in your life, a supportive community that ‘gets you’, PLUS an on-going energy support that will help you keep momentum, as well as dissolve the blocks that will arise on your journey toward holistic health.

The Academy is for you if:

  • YOU...

    are a Healer, an Empath, a Lightworker and are feeling called to create the strong foundation that will allow you to share your gifts more powerfully and increase your impact

  • YOU...

    want to experience more Vitality, better Health, and higher Vibration quickly and for the long run

  • YOU...

    want to be able to deeply nourish every cell of your being with delicious and satisfying seasonal recipes

  • YOU...

    are looking for a holistic approach to health, that includes physical and energy work

  • YOU...

    want to be part of a community of Lightworkers who are manifesting thriving health to shine their Light fully, and where you can show up as who you really are, no more, no less.


Let me tell you a bit about my own journey…

Hi, I’m Melanie, and I used to be afraid of my own Light.

This created a lot of energy blocks, digestive and skin issues, as well as misalignment and unhappiness. I had a lot of tools and knowledge, but my life was still far from what I wanted to create for myself. I experienced first hand what it is to “unconsciously” (and then more and more consciously) make eating and life choices that would dim my Light and help me stay invisible. At the same time, I didn’t understand why my life wasn’t changing in the direction I wanted. Why I wasn’t “manifesting” this dream that was living on my vision board. I felt stuck.

Until I finally started to listen and ACT on the message I had been receiving (and ignoring) over and over again: you are a Lightworker, and you need to embrace this identity fully.

I began to take my own medicine. I started to detoxify physically, emotionally, and energetically. I started to peel layers and layers of old blocks, physical challenges, foreign energies due to poor boundaries, and limiting beliefs. I started eating differently – no longer numbing myself with food to dim my Light and silence my Soul’s calling. I started to experience more and more with this Magic I had been gifted with. As a result, I was channelling the Plant Realm, reconnecting with my Fairy sisters, and finally embracing who I really am.

My life became fuller than it had ever been. I repaired my health and amped up my vibration in a way I never imagined possible, and I want you to experience the same.


That’s why I work with Lightworkers who are committed to being the lighthouse others need to navigate the World. I am here to help you increase your vibration so that you can increase your impact. It’s time to lighten up, claim your magic and shine your Light, because the world needs YOU.

Thanks to a deep connection with the Plant and Fairy Realms, more than 12 years of experience in using essential oils with a holistic approach and a strong background in Naturopathy, Holistic Nutrition, and Energy Work, I guide beautiful Souls like you to uncover the roots of your challenges and manifest vibrant health at all levels.


Join us!

22$ per month
or 222$ for a full year
Enrollments into the Academy are closed at the moment. Find more resources here.