Are you a Light Worker or a Healer?


Do you enjoy essential oils and want to know more about their energy and emotional properties?

Do you want to enhance your professional expertise by learning how to create holistic blends to support you as a spiritual business owner and to deepen your results with your clients?

You will love this e-course!

Why Energy Aromatherapy?


In the busy marketspace, you want something that will make you stand out, and deepen your results.

You are dedicated to your clients' healing journey and want to offer them a powerful experience. Enriching your approach with essential oils is a perfect way to deepen the skills you already have.


Divine timing


There has never been a better time to dive deeper into your healing work. If you are reading this, it is most likely that you are feeling the energies shifting right now.

We, as Light Workers, need to unite our gifts to raise the vibration of this Planet.

In 5 weeks, you will learn:

What is energy aromatherapy and how oils can support you on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels

How to create your own blends to help you and your clients manifest your/their desires

How to define and anchor an intention, and infuse it in your blends

My secrets to creating a balanced, divine blend that can even be worn as a signature perfume

Key features

  • 5 weeks, 5 modules: content delivered weekly into your inbox (study at your own pace)
  • Precise and deep information about the energy properties of 21 powerful essential oils
  • Practical steps to define and anchor your intention and infuse it into each blend for profound results
  • A practical e-course you can revisit over and over again to create new blends
  • A bonus with each module: chakras and oils quick reference chart, chakras and olfactory notes cheat sheet, e-books and more
  • Lifetime access to a private facebook group to interact with me and other healers and Light workers

I loved your course, and how clear and passionate you are! This course is very structured and interesting, and each module made me want to dive into the next one. The content flows in a logical and progressive way, conferring practical tools as well as confidence to the student.

Antoinette (Switzerland)

Your investment for this 5-week e-course:
197 $US

Detailed view of the course content


Module 1
Introduction to energy aromatherapy

1.1 A holistic approach to aromatherapy
1.2 Using essential oils to support healing and energy work
1.3 An introduction to chakras and how to use essential oils to balance them

BONUS 1 : my ebook "Aura Aroma Mists: How to balance your chakras with essential oils and create your own magic in a bottle"


Module 2
Set the intention you will infuse into your blend

2.1 Why and how to define a clear intention that will inspire your blend (don't underestimate this step!)
2.1 Exercises on exactly how to set a powerful intention (precision holds the key to profound results!)
2.2 Practical steps to quickly tune into your intention

BONUS 2 : a guided meditation to connect with your desires


Module 3
My secrets for a powerful blend

3.1 How to decide how many essential oils you are going to use
3.2 Creating a perfume, the basics: top, heart and base notes
3.3 The role of intuition

BONUS 3 : essential oils and olfactory notes cheat sheet


Module 4
21 essential oils and their energy properties

4.1 Quality matters: how to choose your essential oils
4.2 Essential oils 1 to 10
4.3 Essential oils 11 to 21

BONUS 4 : essential oils and chakras reference table

Module 5
Time to create your first blend

5.1 How to choose your dilution carrier
5.2 Choosing essential oils for specific healing intentions
5.3 How to use and store your blends

BONUS 5 : my ebook with inspirational blends formulas

You will get access to the first module as soon as you sign up.

I had no hesitations in signing up for a program with Melanie. She is a beautiful, kind, patient, giving and wise friend and I was confident that any program of her creation would reflect those same values.

Melanie - you and your beautiful program are a gift to the world! Thank you for all of your hard work to bring this amazing program to all of us who need it. I think each and every person can benefit from the teachings and messages of self-love and respect contained within.

Catherine (Canada)

Your investment for this 5-week e-course:
197 $US

Who am I?

Mélanie Sylla

Mélanie Sylla
World's leading authority on Essential Oils


It’s my passion to guide and empower other Light workers to uplevel their holistic health and energy level through holistic nutrition, energy aromatherapy, and intuitive guidance. It's time to shine your Light brighter. You are unique and the World needs you.

As a trained Holistic Aromatherapist, I have been passionate about essential oils for more than a decade, and use them with my clients with amazing results. I have witnessed energy blocks dissolve, and energy miraculously shifts thanks to the support of the Plant Realm. Essential oils are part of the most powerful tools I know to raise the vibration, and  I feel called to share my wisdom and expertise with other Light workers and Healers, so that you and your clients can experience the magic of the oils too.

For me, creating a personalized blend is sacred. I connect with my Guides, my intuition, my client's energy... Every blend is unique. I am always amazed to see how powerful a blend can be to help people get unstuck, set them free from limiting beliefs, emotional or spiritual blocks, and take giant steps towards manifesting their intentions.

With this e-course I'd like to inspire you to uncover the secrets of energy aromatherapy, experiment with this powerful and beautiful tool and add it to your practice if you feel called.

Love and Light, 

So, are you ready to...

  • Uncover the secrets of the energy properties of essential oils
  • Create your own blends to support your clients' energy work (and yours!)
  • Get to know the secrets of a successful blend
  • Discover the various ways you can use the blends (and even create a signature perfume for yourself or your clients)
  • Find out how to guide your clients to set powerful intentions so they can manifest them with ease
  • Add a creative and highly feminine healing tool to your existing business
  • Benefit from my professional expertise and receive direct feedback with me, as well as support from other participants in the facebook group

This sounds perfect, but...

  • I am not an aromatherapist! How will I know how to use the right oils? While this course isn't an aromatherapy 101 training, you will learn how to use essential oils safely for emotional and energy work in a way that is fun and easy to blend with your own healing modalities.
  • I am not intuitive/creative/skilled enough to create my own blends! If you love essential oils and are ready to have fun with them, I will show you how to easily create customized blends. If you follow my advice on how to blend oils, and how to select them, you can't be wrong. That was the long answer. The short one? You ARE enough.
  • I don't want to invest in yet another course that I won't use... If you are looking to enhance your energy or healing practice, or simply to raise your vibration, essential oils are an exquisite and fun way to do it. It will help you on your personal growth (and overall health) journey, support your business and help your clients make quantum leaps. Oh, and did I mention you will smell amazing?

Essential oils are such an amazing gift from the Plant Realm! I have witnessed and experienced so many times how just a few drops can shift energy, help us reconnect with our Essence, and quickly raise up our energy levels. That's why I am so passionate to share this magic with you!

Your investment for this 5-week e-course:
197 $US

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