Raw Food and Essential Oils: a magical blend to amp up your Vitality and Frequency

Did you know that there are three types of foods? Foods biogenic foods, which create Life, bioactive foods, which sustain Life, and biocidic foods, which destroy Life by accelerating the aging process. Unfortunately, our modern diet is often based on more biocidic than biogenic foods.

I invite you to reverse this trend during (at least) 2 weeks, and to experiment the difference!


– Being full of vitality and energy all day long
– Letting go of what weights you down, physically and energetically
– Having glowing skin
– Setting yourself free from bloating and other digestive challenges
– Forgetting headaches once and for all
– Feeling connected and aligned with your Essence
– Developing your intuition and relationship with your Guides
– Elevating your frequency, and therefore opening yourself to new opportunities in life

During 14 days, I will offer you daily guidance within a private support group. You will (re)discover:

– How to put more Life and vitality in your plate
– How to activate the regeneration process in your cells
– How raw foods and essential oils can elevate your vibration
– How raw foods and essential oils can support you on your spiritual path
– Recipes and meal suggestions
– Holistic protocols to use selected essential oils
– And so much more…

All of this is FREE!

Your only investment is a nominal fee to buy the essential oils that we will be using during these two weeks together (and you will still have a lot left to continue playing after the program). We will work with doTERRA, the brand that I am personally using – the purest and subtlest essential oils I have ever been in contact with.

We are going to use 10 essential oils / blends, exploring together their physical and energy properties:

– Circulatory blend (first chakra)
– Digestive blend (second chakra)
– Immunity blend (third chakra)
– Respiratory blend (fourth chakra)
– Frankincense essential oil (grounding and connection with the Universe)
– Lavender essential oil (communication and intuition)
– Lemon essential oil (cleansing and clarity)
– Tea tree/melaleuca essential oil (purification and elevation)
– Oregano essential oil (growth and non attachment)
– Peppermint essential oil (objectivity and digestion)

Contact me for the details on how to get your oils!*

I look forward to share this experience with you. And remember: The World needs your unique Light. Shine!

*for new WAs only.

Love and Light,


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