That’s how the Light gets out

Who are You? What does your Soul love doing? What really comes from you? What are the things you are doing only because you “should” do them? What is YOUR path, YOUR gift? Taking a road less traveled sometimes is the only way to be true to who we deeply are. It might take courage and faith. But what if this is the more direct way to alignment, fulfillment, joy, Love and Light?

During years, I knew there was more to my life than what I was living. I knew I was meant to make a difference in this world, like we all are, but I was feeling useless. However part of me was afraid of what could happen if I listened to my Soul and took this path that was calling me. Until the day when this call was so loud that I couldn’t ignore it anymore. So I chose to allow my unique Light to shine. Very timidly at first, but brighter and brighter still. I’ve made myself invisible during so many years that there are still moments when I feel scared to be seen as my authentic self. But then I look outside. I look at the sun. I look at the squirrels playing on the tree in front of my window. I look around me. I look at my clients. I look at my son. And I cannot but see their Light. It helps me remember that we are all meant to shine because our Light is very unique. Shining my bright Light is my most powerful Core Desired Feeling.

What helps me reconnect with my inner Light is looking at the Light of other beings, like in a mirror. And knowing that I can be this mirror for someone else who would be doubting their own Light.

What is your way to reconnect with your inner Light?

Next time you feel truly yourself, next time you hear your Soul sing, next time you see yourself shining, pause. Pause and acknowledge this feeling. Say thank you – to the Universe and to yourself, for allowing yourself to live this moment fully. Breathe. Anchor this feeling deep in your heart, and trust that you can reconnect with it anytime you need to.

That way, next time you are feeling afraid of your own light, next time you catch yourself self-sabotaging – by not talking your truth, by letting others cross your boundaries, by eating too much, by saying no when you mean yes, by doing things that don’t make you feel the way you want to feel… – look into yourself and around you. Look for the sparkle that will reignite your inner Light by reconnecting to this feeling you anchored.
It could be an object that simply make you smile. It could be a mantra that speaks to your Soul. It could be a photo of someone you love. Thinking of a place where you feel free and peaceful. A song. A prayer. A colour… Let it make it’s way to your heart, and let the Light go through. It may be just a ray of Light at first, and that’s ok. When you do this regularly, you will see that this ray gets stronger and stronger every time.

Leonard Cohen sings ‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.’ I like to see it the other way round: ‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets OUT.’

Love and Light,

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